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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey!

An Idea is Born

In 2016, Alma decided to follow her dream and do what she loves to do, cooking. She took on the adventure of catering. During her catering escapades, she began offering cakes and deserts. As time went on, her clients began to ask for more and more cakes and gelatin. Alma takes extra care with each of her customers to insure 100% satisfaction with not only taste, but presentation as well. Her gelatin creations are each a work of art in themselves, Not only delicious, but even more so a realm of fruits and flowers that are even more so beautiful to look at.

Healthy Choices:

* Sugar Free

* Lactose Free

* Gluten Free

* Nutrition options 

Why Us?

Simple. Because I dedicate my time, abilities, and love to each and every job to ensure customer delight and satisfaction. My Desserts are hand made. Fondant, Butter Cream, teer cakes, and much more is all made from scratch and you just can't get that from our competitors. In a nutshell, you can ask "Why us?" but we ask... "Why them."

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